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Ms. Melody Chan
Ms. Melody began piano lessons when she was four and started studying with Ms. Nancy Loo, Ms. Katherine Lu and Ms. Amelia Chan when she accepted for HK Academy for Performing Arts Junior Music Course.
Ms. Melody graduated from the Baptist University, Hong Kong, major in piano performance and pedagogy. Melody has been actively participated in various open competitions and received prizes and scholarship for the outstanding achievements. She also performed extensively around the world including performances in the United States, Vienna, Taiwan, HK Government House, HK City Hall, Cultural Centre.
Ms. Melody is now an experienced piano teacher and accompanist for nearly two decades. She hosts music training classes and workshops in different schools.
In recent year, Ms. Melody focuses on music education from toddler age. She believes that 3-6 years old is the best time for growing the root of music learning. Together with parents support and participation, this will be the best timing for establishing their foundation. This is also helping the lack of concentration, patience, and perseverance that is found in now a day children.
With diverse experience in piano teaching and additional knowledge of the Suzuki Method and Dalcroze Method, Ms. Melody believes the two new concepts with parents engagement in music learning. Students will be well developed with sensitivity, creativity, enthusiasm.

Master in Music , Hong Kong Baptist University
License, Jaques-Dalcroze
Suzuki Teacher registered by SAA
Australian Kodaly Certificate in Music Education Level 3
Cognitive Motor Level II Trainer of the Crispiani Method

Guest Lecturer at tertiary institutions
Early childhood Course Consultant of the Music Children Foundation


Ms Melody 近年致力於幼兒音樂教育,認定要建立良好基礎,就得把握3-6歲最關鍵的時候,在家長的參與支持下,鍛練好穩健的根基、扎實的技巧、靈敏的耳朵、並幫助現今幼童最缺乏的耐性、専注力、恆心等。


達克羅士 教學執照


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