Dalcroze Eurhythmic Approach 達克羅士教學法

空間Space ・ 時間 Time ・ 力量 Energy 



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Dalcroze Eurhythmics

The first purpose of Dalcroze is to provide the experience. Students are required to directly respond while teachers play music with various elements. During the time, students will learn to feel the correlations between time, energy, and space with Eurhythmic, to acquire basic technique such as rhythm, pitch, and articulation through solfege, to obtain the more abstract elements such as phrase and tension, and to perform improvisation exercises. These trainings greatly enhance their music sense and encourage them to embody music in oneself. The essence of music will be shown through a natural and playful way.

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Dalcroze 達克羅士教學法 

達克羅士教學法第一宗旨就是經歷 experience 

學生以身體直接回應老師彈奏包含各種元素的音樂,學習以「體態律動」(Eurhythmic)去感受「時間」,「力量」,「空間」的關係,以「音感訓練」(solfege)學習節奏、音高、各種發音的基礎技巧,及至樂句,張力等較抽象的元素,加上「即興作曲」 (Improvisation) 的練習  大大提升學生的音樂感,把音樂變成身體的一部分,如呼吸般把音樂的技巧自然吸進,不知不覺間從活動悠然學習音樂真諦. 

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